Frequently Asked

Whether you are a newbie or long time waxer, I want you to have a calm and relaxing experience with me. If you feel apprehensive or nervous please have a look at some frequently asked questions.
My studio is private and welcoming, you’ll find me in a residential road in a purpose built private space that I don’t share with anyone else. You’ll only ever be waxed by me so there’s no unexpected surprises! I’m a quick waxer but I allow plenty of time for each appointment so you won’t feel rushed or pressured. I’ll talk you through your treatment and you can ask any questions and take breaks if you need to.

Well, the short answer is that any hair removal with wax is going to have some degree of
discomfort. However, the high quality products combined with my training and experience will mean that it won’t be as bad as you expect. Lycon wax is up to 70% less painful than other waxes and the techniques I use will minimise your discomfort.

Not all of them, no….but for quick and effective waxing it is preferable for you to remove your underwear for the more thorough waxing services. I can provide disposable underwear for the fuller bikini waxes. I aim to put you at ease, I’ve done literally thousands of brazillians and hollywoods and I see women of all body shapes. I’m purely interested in hair removal, this is a safe space for you to have your waxing and feel wonderful afterwards.

I’ve seen countless people who have had unfortunate waxing experiences and whilst they might make a good story, it’s not a nice thing to go through. I have done extensive training and have many years of experience to ensure this won’t happen to you again. Waxing shouldn’t be traumatic, it’s unnecessary. If you see a highly skilled therapist with experience it should be straightforward, quick and relatively painless.

About the length of a grain of rice. For a first wax though, the more hair the better. No need to trim or tidy up before you come, that’s what I’m here for. Allow at least 3-4 weeks growth after using any other hair removal method.

Initially, your appointments will be 4 weekly. This will help the hair get into a regular growth pattern. You may find you have some regrowth quite soon after a first wax. These will be hairs that were just under the skin and the wax wasn’t able to get them. You would be required to leave those until the next wax, they will be removed with any new regrowth and this will reset the growth so eventually all the hairs are growing at the same rate.
I would aim for regular waxers to only have to come every 4-6 weeks. Lycon will remove every hair from the root leaving you hair free for longer between waxes with no itchy regrowth.

Yes! After the first 12 weeks providing you have no medical conditions that would prevent waxing. You can then have waxing until your due date. I’m qualified and very experienced in pregnancy waxing so you can come for a wax with confidence.

Plenty I’m afraid… Do: Shower before your appointment Exfoliate regularly to prepare the skin for best results Wear clean underwear and loose clothing Fill in your client consultation form and read all the information I send you beforehand. Dont: Use a sunbed or expose the area to be waxed to excessive sun Use any other hair removal methods before your wax Swim or exercise for 24 hours after a wax Keep the are clean and avoid heat and friction for 24-48 hours No hot baths, showers, saunas or steam on wax day (lukewarm is fine)

Regular waxing with premium waxes will help this. I recommend gentle daily exfoliating with a sugar scrub or similar ( I stock Ruff Stuff if needed) and then moisturise the area to keep the skin supple. For stubborn ingrowns, I stock some homecare products that will help. Avoid sitting for long periods of time in tight clothing and wearing lycra sports clothes for long period of time.

Yes, you can. Please just wear a fresh tampon/mooncup and I can happily work around it. My waxing methods are super hygienic so no need to worry.